Easy pork tenderlion

Easy pork tenderlion

For this week's bulk cooking, I use one of my very basic pork tenderlion recipes. I've gone through many iterations of this recipe when experimenting throughout the years; this represents the current version of an ever-evolving recipe. Note that this isn't too fancy, but I've been getting pressure to post more from a fellow blogger, so here we go.


  • 6 lb of pork tenderlion
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • korean chili pepper


About half the time I cook, I forget to add salt on the meat until it's too late. An astute observer will note that I almost forgot to add salt this time too (I didn't take the salt out for the ingredients photo), but thankfully I remembered in time.


This is incredibly simple. First, trim as much fat off the tenderlions as possible. Then, chop into slices or cubes as desired. In the meanwhile, heat up some pans. This time, I tried cooking two batches in parallel by using two pans. I really don't know why I didn't think of this before -- I had always just used one pan and cooked serially.

Once the slices/cubes are ready, toss them into the pan. Add your seasoning on top. I used two combinations of seasoning here, one for each pan:

  1. salt and korean chili pepper
  2. salt, black pepper, and a bunch of cayenne pepper

cooking in parallel

Flip the meat as appropriate until done.

finished meat

And that's it.

Serving suggestions

I usually pack the pork with brown rice and frozen vegetables and warm the meal via microwave.
pork served with rice

Alternatively, I've found that creating a sandwich out of the pork using mayonnaise can be quite tasty.
pork served with bread


This is not the traditional way to prepare pork tenderlion. The vast majority of recipes online call for baking the whole tenderlion in the oven. I've never gotten this to work for me, although that is probably more a problem with me than with the aforementioned oven recipes. With absolutely no exceptions, my meats always come out of the oven too dry. Pork tenderlion is surprisingly forgiving when pan-cooked -- I have had nothing but tender pork when cooking in this manner.