Skinny Dip (very misleading name)

Skinny Dip (very misleading name)

Aeghrur will be very familiar with this recipe since it was a popular late night college snack that accompanied many Friday/Saturday nights of homemade mead and ghetto YouTube karaoke.

We may never know why it is called skinny dip when it has no relation to being naked in a pool nor to being a low calorie dip for chips, but it is what it is.



  • Some amount of cream cheese (I think this might be 3 cups pictured, but we only used one)
  • Some amount of chicken (went with 3 chicken breast)
  • Hot sauce or sriracha to taste


Cook up your chicken.

Pro-tip: Don't do it in the pan as pictured below because the chicken is harder to shred later. It's a lot easier to just boil it.



Shred her up.

Another pro-tip: Canned chicken can also be used to produce the same results for much less time and effort.



Toss the chicken in a pan over low heat.


Add in the cream cheese and mix everything together. The cream cheese will start to get all melty and lovely.

It looks gross, but I promise you that it is good.

Add in hotsauce to taste and mix.






Creamy and savory--this is a great dip. SO and I put it together for a quick fat-loaded dinner coupled with a bottle of Trader Joe's Petite Sirah after a long day of work for both of us.

I'd really like to make a true "skinny" version of this dip someday though. Do you think greek yogurt would work?