Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi

I love going to new grocery stores when I travel because it's so interesting to see what kind of foods and prices people are eating and looking at in their everyday lives.

When I went to Hawaii this year, it was so cool because the grocery store across the street from my hotel, Foodland, had so many varieties of poke and musubi in the prepared foods section...I ended up going almost everyday to pick up something as a quick breakfast for the SO and me.

It's funny because I had one stashed in my bag when I was departing the island, and TSA pulled me aside during the security check. The attendant pick up the musubi, laughed and then said, "Girl's gotta her have her musubi".


  • spam
  • nori/seaweed
  • rice (used 2 cups uncooked...I don't actually know the math for what this becomes when cooked.
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup sugar


Slice the spam into 8 pieces.

Fry the slices up on a pan. I find that no extra oil is needed since some will render from the spam itself.

Brown on both sides.

Mix together the soy sauce and sugar.

Pour the mixture into the pan and keep an eye on it--the sauce will thicken up and the sugar may start to burn if you don't take it off the heat soon enough.

With the spam ready, it's time to mold the musubi.

I got a handy little mold from a Japanese grocery store near by, but you can also mold by hand or by using the spam can itself.

Pack down 1/2 cup rice.

Add a slice of spam on top.

Lay down half a square of nori, shiny-side down.

Place the rice and spam in the middle of the nori.

Wrap it up! You may need to use a couple drop of water to seal the edges.


So yummy--what could possibly bad about this recipe.

I made eight--ate 3 right away between the SO and me and then wrapped the rest up in plastic wrap and stowed them fridge to accompany a small salad as lunches throughout the week. To get them warm again, I unwrapped the plastic and microwaved for a minute.

I'm thinking to make these again soon to see how well they hold up in the freezer--it seems like a great emergency/rush food to have on hand, especially since it's finger food.